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Buying/Selling or trying to Rent out a home or condo?  Need any last minute repairs or upgrades?  Started your own project but have no time to finish?
We can make your dreams become reality.



Strothkamp Enterprises has been been in business for over 30 years.  We stay in business because of the relationships  built with our clients throughout the years.  We believe in treating our  customers’ homes and properties as our own. (see our referral/review page)

Our Grandmother Company (Movers Service Company) is where it all started.  From then on we have made so many life changes for our clients.

We understand, it can be tough to find great service for all those tasks around the house.   And with today's fast pace lifestyle, who has the time to do everything themselves?  We understand that your  “To Do List” can feel overwhelming.  Let us help you

turn it into an "All Done List" Call today

and start feeling at ease — you’ll be glad

you did.

Check out our services page to see everything we can do. Better yet, contact me for your free estimate on any kind of work you need.



This hardworking husband started with Movers Service Company packing and loading up families lives into a truck.  Later, he grew the business into a safe way to transport their valuables to and from destinations by building wooden crates.  On slow work weeks, he began doing repair work for some of his clients around their homes.  A man of many talents doesn't just stop there.  He has designed and built entire kitchens, bathrooms, entertainment centers and even a  deer hunting blind.  Denny does any minor/major handyman repairs including painting, ceramic tile, wooden floor installation, drywall repair and  the  especially the most important work of all
................The Honey-Do List................


Mother of three girls and Co business owner with Denny.  Through the years this amazing women has managed every mothers list of duties + business management.  Though she's not a face you may see on the job, she has the most important behind the scenes job(s).


Denny's oldest daughter and mother of two beautiful girls.  Krystal surely takes after her dad.  From the moment she could walk, she was her dads shadow, following him everywhere, doing
everything he did and learning all she could.  Growing up loving to design and draw, she graduated with a degree in Architecture & Engineering.  She has designed homes for many years and has always helped out with repairs and fixes even in her own home.  Krystal  & Denny had always talked of finalizing this Dream Team together.  Now it has become a reality.



Turn Your To Do List Into Ta Done List



Hook up & Install

The worst thing to happen in a home is when something stops working or finally bites the dust.  Installing and hooking up appliances can be complicated if you do not have all the tools needed for the job.  Call us today and we can have your appliances back up and running in perfect working order.


Cabinets * Shelves

There is never enough space for anything in the house or garage. Are you in need of  new cabinets or shelves? Whatever your project, we're ready to help. Call us today and we can create your ideal space so everything can have its own place.


Safety from point A to Point Z

Moving or don't have room in your home for important items?  We can crate your memories or valuables inside a safe box for travel or storage. Done on site and done same day.


Indoor & Outdoor

A few of the most time consuming projects are fixing damaged drywall, painting or fixing broken siding. No matter how damaged, we can help you repair these as if it was never there.  A fresh coat of paint on any wall, ceiling or siding brings the life back to the once old eyesore.  Inside or outside painting, we can help with that.


Bathroom Handrails * Ramps * Specialty Items

We all have those moments when we're in need of that extra help in and out of the shower. Or maybe stairs are a problem and you can't get inside or out of your home safely.  We can help you out of that worry and get your life back on track by installing sturdy handrails or handles in the bathroom shower or building a handicap ramp.


New or Repair

Needing a few pickets replaced or maybe some posts?  Is the original fence falling down or warping?  A few extra boards may do the trick for your repair.  What if there is a metal fence and it doesn't have the privacy you need for your own backyard oasis?  We can build small garden fences or boxes whatever your desire.  Strothkamp Enterprises can meet your lifestyle needs.



Everything has its place at the very beginning then the messy tornadoes hit.  There is never enough time in the day to accomplish all the labeling and rearranging of items.  Distractions can keep you from finishing the first shelf or even the first corner.  Let Strothkamp Enterprises do the dirty work for you.


Assemble & Disassemble

Every kid loves outdoor play sets whether it be a Trampoline or a complex Fort w/Swing Set.  Every adults worst nightmare is in the fine print  "Assembly Required".  No fear for WE "Strothkamp Enterprises" are here to save you from that nightmare.  There's not one play set we can't handle. Call today for an estimate.


Siding * Sidewalks * Decks * Fence

Dirty, Green or stained home? Being told you need a fresh coat of paint to make everything better?  With just a little elbow grease and tough love we can make your old, worn or dingy looking items just like new.


Professional and Punctual

Nothing too big and nothing too small. We will help to lift your memories onto the open canvas of your home. Hang a prized trophy from a hunt on the wall, no sweat.


On Time, On Budget

From light covers to paint touch up we can tackle that. Missing or bent fan blades, is a breeze. Trim or sidding repair, painting interior/exterior, grout touch up/repair, we can handle that.


Trimming * Planting * Sprinkler Repair * Staking trees * Mailbox Repair * Raised Potting boxes

Is there a little extra work needed in your yard that no one has the time for?  Maybe the maintenance crew can't get to it all in 1 day.  Have a dream for a garden or maybe just not enough space for the plants you love?  Maybe a walking path is needed and bending down is a pain. One side of your small fruit tree is touching the ground and cutting it is not an option.  Strothkamp Enterprises would love to help you pick up those heavy burdens.

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